vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Soft pink with soft blue...!

I want you all to have a happy, sunny, creative weekend!


donderdag 14 februari 2013

Valentines Day.... I'm so happy!

It's Valentines Day....!
This day is a happy one for me.....! Not just because it's Valentines Day but for another reason that I don't want to share with you, hahaha!


woensdag 13 februari 2013

Teatime...... Let Spring begin!

This weekend I finished this gorgeous old brocante teacabinet on wheels.
No glass on the sides but then it's easy to decorate with.....!

Let Spring begin.....!

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I wish you all a nice day!
Hugs, Syl


donderdag 7 februari 2013

I can't wait any longer...... I want Spring...

January and February! Not my favorite months of the year.
After the cosiness of December it takes ages when I get the lovely Springfeeling I want so bad.

A sunny feeling, the doors open and Springcleaning ofcourse, hahaha!
I cannot wait.... so I want to share some of my photo's who gives me a sunny mood.

Have a nice day/evening, hugs Syl


woensdag 6 februari 2013

Long Time, No See

Hi everyone, i'm back.....!
I've been so busy that i didn't had time to post anything on my blog.
I'm still busy but I wanted to let you see what I've been doing and creating lately!

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Have a nice day, hugs, Syl