dinsdag 4 september 2012

Green, green grass of home...

For the moment I am in love with soft green... So beautiful to combine with soft pink.... My romantic simply chic....

Did you know I'm also on facebook? If you look for me, search for Syl Willems!
I place lovely photo's almost every day!

Do you like my simply chic brocante? Look for my ads on
www.Marktplaats.nl and search for simply chic brocante!

I have also a website
www.Tuinengeltje.nl but I must renew this very soon with many pretty old brocante from France.

Have a nice day, hugs, Sylvia

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the colours!!Beutiful photos!!!!
    xoxo...by Vicky

  2. Mooi dat antieke kleurtje voor deze mooie bak.
    Jammer dat je helemaal in het engels overgaat. Kost mij meer moeite om te lezen.

    Lieve groet,